carry all basics!

I always see people walking around with these HUGE bags and always wonder what the heck they have in there that is so important- that they find the need to haul it around every single day.

Unzipping my Deena & Ozzy bag, I noticed- that I am also a culprit of carrying around lots of things, too!

Below are a few of the items that I consider necessary, when throwing the straps over my shoulder heading out the door.




  1. Positive Wallet – reminding myself even with small touches that only good vibes are welcome.
  2. Mints- you never know when you’re going to need to freshen up..!
  3. EOS portable lotion- found here. perfect when you need a quick refresh.
  4. Too Face La Creme Color Lipstick- Chapstick consistency with a beautiful pop of color for when you are in a rush. (previous post about this on the blog if you are interested in ordering!)
  5. Gold Planner- staying organized is key.
  6. Sunnies!
  7. Essential Oils- I use these on the go for every little thing. Anxiety, check. Headache, check. Lemon water, check. 🙂

What are some of your purse essentials? 

Leave a comment below! 


put it together- simple.

I’ve had a pretty easy going summer. That meaning, most of the outfits I’ve chosen have been comfortable, yet make a small statement.

“Being effortless is the coolest thing in the world!” – Stella McCartney 

Below are just a FEW outfits that have been my favorite.

(because let’s be honest here, i change multiple times a day.)


  • Tucking a plain tank into a patterned skirt & throwing a statement necklace on. Easy & chic.
  • Printed dress with a high neckline. Need I say more?


  • 3. Stylish plain black dress with flared sleeves. Perfectly tied together with some simple black flats
  • 4. Why not show off your love for Harry Potter & dressing it up? Tucking any statement tank into a plain skirt shows sophistication but also a hint of fun.


  • 5. Studded collar blouse alone adds such a bold statement. Adding some deep red lipstick, well that’s just the cherry on top!


What is your favorite effortless staple? 



favorite lippy lately.

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post about my recent, most favorite find.

Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick!

It goes on so smooth, doesn’t get sticky & the color stays. 

Applying feels like you are putting on chapstick & it leaves your lips soft all day. (seriously, the hydration it gives my lips sold me. currently purchasing in a few more colors.)


Not to mention, the tube is a sleek gold- making it a little bit more glamorous to apply. 

face jelly??

As I was searching through the world wide web, I stumbled upon a skincare thread & hundreds of women were raving about this product.

Now, I’m always weird about trying new products, especially on my face. My face is super sensitive- any sudden change & I break out immediately, or my skin gets really dry. There has never been a happy level. I’ve never woken up & looked at my skin in the mirror and thought, ‘hey, your skin looks GREAT today.’

But, after reading hundreds of reviews from women completely relating to the skin I deal with every single day & having those women state this skincare product helped them- really got me interested.

Now, the packaging is extremely pleasing to the eye- it’s simple.

You can use it on a dry face or a damp face. You can clean your eye make up off with it in one clean sweep without your eyes burning.


So, I plunged & ordered it.

The first use, I was so amazed with how easily it removed my eye make up- mascara included. Only one pump of the product into my palm and I then put it on my entire face. After rinsing, my skin immediately felt softer & looked brighter.

*I could have washed it 2 or 3 more times just out of the joyous feeling that first use brought me.*

I’ve used it every day since I’ve gotten it & have been so extremely pleased with this product. It’s gotten rid of most of my dryness, my make up goes on smoother & the left over rose scent is super nice.

Worth the $18.00, as I can see it lasting me a couple of months.

Try it- seriously, it is the most amazing facial cleanser I’ve ever tried & will continue to use it as long as it’s available!


If you want 20% off your first order, click HERE. Glossier



my met favs;

The Met Gala 2016 was a few days ago & I am still swooning over MOST of the outfits.

The theme : Manus x Machina 

Below are just a few favorites of the night : 

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, draped beautifully as always.

The Weeknd in Givenchy & Bella Hadid in Givenchy HC.


Wiz Khalifa killin’ it in Rag & Bone with some Tiffany & Co. Jewelry.

The beautiful Blake Lively in Burberry. (Need I say more?)

Last but not least ( my FAVORITE look of the night ) -Rachel McAdams in Valentino. I love her look- the deep lipstick offsetting her pale complexion, her blonde hair pinned back, the beautiful dress hugging her body perfectly- just so dreamy all around. 


Do you have any favorite looks from Met Gala 2016?! If so, share below! 

Thanks for reading! 


weekend rem·i·nisce,

As I’ve made it almost through my work day, I have found myself caught in thought from the wonderful weekend. I ate delicious food, saw precious people, went to special places & laughed A LOT.

Below are some of the favorites captured-

Ike’s Creamery– first time visiting.

– This yummy ice cream parlor is located in Provo, UT.  We both ordered the ‘kids’ size & it was 2 scoops + a yummy homemade waffle cone. This place is SUPER affordable for a night out, too.

Both cones together only totaled $5!

 I ordered my absolute favorite (mint choc chip) and the babe ordered huckleberry. They both were absolutely delicious!

Bought new film for my Polaroid (super cheap, find it here) & snapped this picture before dinner.


Sunday was filled with brunch at a traditional diner & bookstore shopping.


I love a mellow weekend!

I hope the memories of your weekend have made this Monday a little less mundane!