wish for- wänt


wishlist title


I, like many others, wish to have/try certain products. I constantly have wishlists on all of my favorite websites, sometimes leading me into shopping sprees.

As January is rolling around, these products are on the top of my list in which I ‘WISH’ I could try and/or have.

From cozy tees to anything that helps me relax & remain eased, I’M ALL OVER IT.

luxuriate/bask in.

  1. “I Like You Very Much” Tee- Urban Outfitters, click here. $44
  2.  Knot Front Ribbed Mini Dress- Urban Outfitters, click here. $54
  3. “Calm Down” Body Wash- PLANT, click here. $20
  4. “Super Soak” Healing Bath- PLANT, click here. $20
  5. “Makers Gonna Make” Necklace- Fifth & May, click here. $4


What items are you on your wishlist? Share in the comments!





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