DIY- Lovey Catch All

Do it yourself projects are always appealing, you want to take things & find a way to make them your own.

I’ve been wanting to add LOVE to counter & what better way to make it useful, too.

Below is the easiest DIY to add simplicity,festivity(love day, feb. 14th) & practicality.


Small ceramic dish, Mod Podge, small jewel accents & a foam frush.


Step One:

-Arrange the jewels on the dish in any way you’d like.


Step Two: 

-Pour the Mod Podge very slowly into the dish & use foam brush to smooth the Mod Podge over the dish evenly.


Let it dry for a few hours. The Mod Podge will dry clear.

And..just like that, it’s just a touch of love to any counter space to catch all of your odds & ends. ❤


What are some of your favorite-simple DIY projects?! Leave comments below!


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