nail flair- inspo*

Adding prints, patterns & color to your wardrobe is hard (sometimes daunting), right?

My favorite way to add any of those to any outfit is just by having a fun set of nails. I feel like this can add so much flair to even just the basic outfit. Most people do not consider it an accessory, but in my mind – I absolutely do!

Browsing ideas online (as I am constantly looking for inspiration) had me stumbling across perfect, yet simple designs to add a little fun into fashion statements- –

I’ve shared a few below:

1- Floral Accents- adding such a simple pastel color with a few accent floral nails screams everything for Spring! 2


2- Geometric- why choose just one color when you can have 5 or 6. Geometric nails are super fun & a great way to add a pattern/color to your everyday wear.



3- Neon Tip- this is an easy, do it yourself manicure. No better way to add a pop of color than a simple neon tip that literally takes minutes to create!



What are you favorite patterns/colors that you rock on your nails? Leave a comment below! 



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