weekend rem·i·nisce,

As I’ve made it almost through my work day, I have found myself caught in thought from the wonderful weekend. I ate delicious food, saw precious people, went to special places & laughed A LOT.

Below are some of the favorites captured-

Ike’s Creamery– first time visiting.

– This yummy ice cream parlor is located in Provo, UT.  We both ordered the ‘kids’ size & it was 2 scoops + a yummy homemade waffle cone. This place is SUPER affordable for a night out, too.

Both cones together only totaled $5!

 I ordered my absolute favorite (mint choc chip) and the babe ordered huckleberry. They both were absolutely delicious!

Bought new film for my Polaroid (super cheap, find it here) & snapped this picture before dinner.


Sunday was filled with brunch at a traditional diner & bookstore shopping.


I love a mellow weekend!

I hope the memories of your weekend have made this Monday a little less mundane!



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