face jelly??

As I was searching through the world wide web, I stumbled upon a skincare thread & hundreds of women were raving about this product.

Now, I’m always weird about trying new products, especially on my face. My face is super sensitive- any sudden change & I break out immediately, or my skin gets really dry. There has never been a happy level. I’ve never woken up & looked at my skin in the mirror and thought, ‘hey, your skin looks GREAT today.’

But, after reading hundreds of reviews from women completely relating to the skin I deal with every single day & having those women state this skincare product helped them- really got me interested.

Now, the packaging is extremely pleasing to the eye- it’s simple.

You can use it on a dry face or a damp face. You can clean your eye make up off with it in one clean sweep without your eyes burning.


So, I plunged & ordered it.

The first use, I was so amazed with how easily it removed my eye make up- mascara included. Only one pump of the product into my palm and I then put it on my entire face. After rinsing, my skin immediately felt softer & looked brighter.

*I could have washed it 2 or 3 more times just out of the joyous feeling that first use brought me.*

I’ve used it every day since I’ve gotten it & have been so extremely pleased with this product. It’s gotten rid of most of my dryness, my make up goes on smoother & the left over rose scent is super nice.

Worth the $18.00, as I can see it lasting me a couple of months.

Try it- seriously, it is the most amazing facial cleanser I’ve ever tried & will continue to use it as long as it’s available!


If you want 20% off your first order, click HERE. Glossier




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