carry all basics!

I always see people walking around with these HUGE bags and always wonder what the heck they have in there that is so important- that they find the need to haul it around every single day.

Unzipping my Deena & Ozzy bag, I noticed- that I am also a culprit of carrying around lots of things, too!

Below are a few of the items that I consider necessary, when throwing the straps over my shoulder heading out the door.




  1. Positive Wallet – reminding myself even with small touches that only good vibes are welcome.
  2. Mints- you never know when you’re going to need to freshen up..!
  3. EOS portable lotion- found here. perfect when you need a quick refresh.
  4. Too Face La Creme Color Lipstick- Chapstick consistency with a beautiful pop of color for when you are in a rush. (previous post about this on the blog if you are interested in ordering!)
  5. Gold Planner- staying organized is key.
  6. Sunnies!
  7. Essential Oils- I use these on the go for every little thing. Anxiety, check. Headache, check. Lemon water, check. 🙂

What are some of your purse essentials? 

Leave a comment below! 


2 thoughts on “carry all basics!

  1. Here! 😀

    OMG I can never leave the house without
    1. Aloe lotion
    2. Baby wipes (sometimes bathrooms don’t have toilet paper or a working sink)
    3. A portable charger (I’m a music addict & but I can never remember to charge my phone at home lol)
    4. My Polaroid Snap Camera (this lil thing is amazing for quick pics)
    5. A bag of FOOD (because nourishments are important on the go lol).


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