baglovin’ (wishin, too)

Always searching for the perfect bag, yet forever carrying the same one.

How perfect are these?

I love a well structured bag & all of these hit that nail right on the head.

What style of bag is your favorite to carry? Leave a comment below!


loving layers (still)

The weather is getting warmer on my side o’ town & I am still layering slightly. (It has been a little windy, so these layers work perfectly!!)

Maybe it’s a comfort thing along side with a style thing, but I absolutely adore tights/layering & will hold onto the fashion staple until it’s uncomfortable temperature wise to do so.


IMG_8021 IMG_8022

  • Outfit of the Day – Sunday 4/17/2016

Putting on tights & throwing a romper, skirt or dress over them (preferably fishnet, sheer, etc. so you don’t overheat) is one of my all time favorites.

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makeup monday…

*quietly sings “Manic Monday” by The Bangles, but switches ‘manic’ to ‘makeup’*

I’d just like to take a quick minute & review NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick!


If you LOVE a matte lip, this liquid suede is a must have for your lipstick collection.

A few things I absolutely adore about this product:


  •  The color pigments are SO bright you only need one swipe of the wand.
  •  It’s not sticky & doesn’t highlight the dryness of your lips like most mattes do.
  •  The wand is at a tilt, making it easier for a flat application & also making it easier to apply the product on the smaller parts of your lip!




(selfie of this cute shade, hi!! )


I haven’t had to use a lip liner before application & I’m not exaggerating when I say ONE APPLICATION LASTS ALL DAY! I never have to reapply even after drinking coffee (which is A LOT) or eating.

If you’re wanting to try something new or simply just want to add another shade to your collection- I would highly tell you to purchase this! (Plus, it’s only $7.00 online!)

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peek into pinterest*

For most of you, pinning has become a part of your everyday routine.

It’s okay, it’s okay- it has become a part of my everyday routine too! 

Pinterest is a place I go when I need to be absorbed into a ocean of creativity, new horizons of product, food ideas, decor inspiration, fashion, etc.

 The opportunities are absolutely endless!

So, why not peek into each others Pinterest accounts? 

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Below are some sneak peeks of some of my FAVORITE boards on my account:

  • Fashion 
  • Hair Styles
  • Bedroom Inspo







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nail flair- inspo*

Adding prints, patterns & color to your wardrobe is hard (sometimes daunting), right?

My favorite way to add any of those to any outfit is just by having a fun set of nails. I feel like this can add so much flair to even just the basic outfit. Most people do not consider it an accessory, but in my mind – I absolutely do!

Browsing ideas online (as I am constantly looking for inspiration) had me stumbling across perfect, yet simple designs to add a little fun into fashion statements- –

I’ve shared a few below:

1- Floral Accents- adding such a simple pastel color with a few accent floral nails screams everything for Spring! 2


2- Geometric- why choose just one color when you can have 5 or 6. Geometric nails are super fun & a great way to add a pattern/color to your everyday wear.



3- Neon Tip- this is an easy, do it yourself manicure. No better way to add a pop of color than a simple neon tip that literally takes minutes to create!



What are you favorite patterns/colors that you rock on your nails? Leave a comment below! 


spring stimulus-



Sunglasses are an absolute guilty pleasure accessory of mine, in which I believe you should never just have ONE pair. I am in search for a few new pairs of cute shades for the warm weather that is just around the corner!

I’ve been browsing certain shops & have been finding a lot of different styles that I’m loving. These 4 are at the top of the list of must-haves for my spring wardrobe 2016.

From top left:

*Spitfire Poolside Rounded Shades- Nasty Gal

*Emma Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

*Quay Invader Shades- Nasty Gal

*Cutout Heart Round Sunglasses- Forever 21


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greenery need.

Per my previous post, we all know how excited I am for the weather to start warming up.

Spring is my absolute favorite time of year, not only due to the fashion but so I can begin collecting new greenery/plants for around the house.

I have a small collection so far but look forward to obtaining more as the sun begins to shine!


I’ve collected these cuties from Home Depot & Trader Joes.

Flora Spring Goal: Buy ALL the air plants like this little one:



If I could, I’d have every shelf covered in plants!

Any other succulent/plant obsessed ppl out there? What’s your favorite way to display them?

Leave a comment below!